Massage Therapy

The oldest therapeutic method. Originated in the Far East, it was in Greece that it gained medical status and was used to treat athletes, warriors as well as patients. It is still used today in modern physical therapy and is regarded as the most effective therapeutic approach


1. King Minoas Ritual Massage

 A holistic approach with therapeutic effects that takes you on a  journey to ancient Crete. Combination of dynamic pressure with wild herbs used by the Minoans for muscle recovery and spiritual well-being.

     Duration: 60min....80€

2. Swedish

 With its roots in China, the Swedish massage is adapted to the needs of today. Perfect for relaxation, it will rid your body and mind of stress and everyday tension.

     Duration: 60min....55€                90min....75€


3. Relaxation

Ideal for tightening of  the skin, it makes your skin glow and alleviates stress symptoms. It lowers blood pressure , improves peripheral circulation and gastrointestinal mobility.

     Duration: 60min....55€                90min....75€


4. Athletic

 Deep, intense and vigorous massage for a strong and agile body. Relief from chronic muscle pain, performance improvement and protection from injuries.

     Duration: 60min....70€                90min....90€


5. Deep tissue

 A combination of Swedish massage techniques and shiatsu massage. Ideal for rigidness of muscles. Relief of chronic stress and unblocking of the deeper layers of muscle mass and fascia.

     Duration: 60min....65€                90min....90€


6. Therapeutic

 A wise choice for elimination of muscle pain, improvement of  agility and general wellness. It helps improve quality of sleep and alleviates headaches and migraines. It also helps speed up recovery after surgery or injuries

     Duration: 60min....55€                90min....75€


7. Anti-cellulite

 Specialized techniques for gluteus muscles and thighs. It is characterised by intense and deep sequences of movements for reduction of fat, removal of toxins and water retention. The skin is rejuvenated and feels young and fresh.

     Duration: 45min....60€                90min....80€


8. Couple massage

 For you and your partner. Enjoy a massage of y our choice tgether with your other half.

     Duration: 60 – 90 min                         110-170 €


9. Candle massage

 Melted by heat, warm wax will allow all the healing ingredients to enter deep into your skin. Highly hydrating and nutritional, the nutrients of the beeswax and the essential oils will highly benefit your skin. Decongests and relaxes the muscles, stimulates bllod flow and alleviates tension and stress.

     Duration: 60min....70€                90min....95€


10. Herbal Packs

 Exotic. Ancient technique originating in Southeast Asia. The herbs and essential oils are ideal for relaxation, toning of the muscles and body.

     Duration: 60min....95€                90min....125€