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Relaxation Massage

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Ideal for tightening the skin, it makes your skin glow and alleviates stress symptoms. It lowers blood pressure and improves peripheral circulation and gastrointestinal mobility.

Escape to Tranquility: The Power of a Relaxing Massage

60min 55€
90min 75€

Drift away into a world of pure tranquility with a relaxing massage at Sanus Cretamassage Relax and Refresh Spa. Our expert therapists use gentle strokes and techniques to soothe away tension, ease muscle aches, and quiet your mind. It's the perfect escape from the daily grind, leaving you feeling utterly relaxed and ready to melt into a state of complete bliss.

But a relaxing massage offers so much more than just a momentary escape. It's a journey to total well-being, with benefits that ripple throughout your body and mind.


Imagine your skin, smooth and radiant, with a healthy glow that whispers of complete relaxation. This isn't just a side effect – it's a sign of a body that's truly thriving. As stress melts away, your skin tightens and regains its youthful elasticity.

The benefits extend far beyond the surface. Feel your blood pressure ease into a state of peaceful calm, while improved circulation brings a surge of vitality. Gentle manipulations encourage healthy digestion, leaving you feeling lighter and more energized from the inside out.

Close your eyes and picture yourself, completely rejuvenated, with a newfound spring in your step. Are you ready to experience this transformation? Book your appointment with Sanus Cretamassage Relax and Refresh Spa today and let us show you the path to total relaxation and a glowing you.

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