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Holistic Body Treatment

We have created various combinations of pure, natural, organic herbs and oils for rejuvenation, revitalisation and mental health as well as healing, body relief and therapy.


Natural Products







Beauty Products on Wooden Bowl

Beauty Products on Wooden Bowl

Skincare - hydrating

Skincare - hydrating

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

Woman Relaxing

Woman Relaxing

Είδη Θεραπειών

5. Skin tightening and anti-aging body therapy with essential oils, honey and Cretan dark chocolate

 Multifunctional therapy with carob treatment and honey for the treatment of free radicals and the regulation of body hydration.
specialised massage therapy with essential oils from tangerine and inscence for intense anti-aging treatment and restoration of the skin for a robust and revitalised skin

Duration: 100min  ..............   110 €

6. Cherry Blossom

 Experience traditional Japanese-inspired care. A gentle and impressive wellness session that becomes enchanting with the subtlety and refinement of Cherry Blossom.

Duration : 60  ..............   60€

7. Tiaré

 Inspired by French Polynesia, this collection takes you on a genuine journey of sensuality reflected in the refined and distinct scent of the Tiaré flower

Duration : 60min  ..............   60€

1. Detox and scrub with carob and Cretan herbs

Deep body peeling with carob seeds for the smoothing of the skin, rejuvenation and hydration.
Body massage for relaxation with essential oils from sedge, arnica, oregano, mint and other Cretan herbs.

Duration: 70min .........    85€   


2. Revitalisation and Rejuvenation with  clay and bergamot

 Body peeling with clay for the removal of dead tissue, toxins and improvement of blood circulation. Skin rejuvenation maintaining its natural moisture.
Body massage with natural oils from bergamot, for the stimulation of the endocrine system, relief from stress and the promotion of mental health.

Duration: 80min  .............    90 €

3. Deep hydration with an elixir of herbs, virgin olive oil and beeswax

Massage with Cretan herbs and flowers such as labdanum, jasmine and Rosa Damascena (rose)
A soft and smooth layer of olive oil and beeswax rich in vitamin A and E
Deep skin scrub and peeling with basil

Duration: 90min  ..........   95€


4. Skin restoration and body treatment after direct exposure to the sun with aloe vera

Moderate creamy skin scrub
Deep skin hydration with aloe vera for the care, healing and restoration of the damaged skin. With ani inflammatory properties for hydration and skin nourishment.
Soft and smooth massage with Organic Virgin Shea Butter, lavander and coconut palm oil for restoration and healing of the damaged skin

Duration: 85min  ...........     90 €

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